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After a session with Wanda, it was like a curtain had been lifted and a window had been opened. I felt lighter and I could look at myself with love and kindness. I am fortunate enough to live right next door to her and can feel her uplifting, high frequency daily. I look forward to continuing my journey with her light and love and patience. Thank you, Wanda.  


Jacqueline Martin

Thank you, Wanda for your beautiful light and encouraging guidance. Wanda has been an incredible support and mentor for me. I have personally reached out for help with my personal journey and she gives me insight and issues to consider and work toward. Her non biased and non-judgemental aura is grounding in loving connection and wisdom. Thank you, Wanda, I am grateful to know such a wonderful soul.   Stephanie Peers

Although I practices many positive lifestyle practices, I felt I wasn’t winning. I didn’t know what to expect from a session with Wanda, but I knew I had to try something different. Wanda’s gentle manner immediately put me at ease. By tapping into my higher self, she was able to identify limiting beliefs that I wasn’t aware of. These were either released or acknowledged to be a work in progress. There was a whole lot of shaking going on! I have also called on Wanda to provide insight into specific questions or concerns. I am very grateful for her gift.  


Marylin Cook

Having Wanda as my spiritual advisor has been a wonderful experience! She has helped and guided me through some difficult and dark times during my journey on this earth. I don’t know what I would have done without her guidance and help. Not only have I visited her for Soul Connections sessions, I have also attended her yoga and spirit art classes and have found them to be very beneficial on my spiritual journey. I honestly don’t know where I would be without Wanda’s continuous love and support.  


Anastasia Winters

Wanda’s insight is amazing and her talents abound! She has helped me let go of so much negative energy and allowed me to look at life in a positive and joyful way!  


Brenda Tait

Wanda is a true joy to work with. Her kind nature put me at ease while her gentle questioning guided me to focus on the areas where I needed clarity and insight in order to pursue some desired changes in my professional life.  


Shelley E.

I have known Wanda for the better part of a decade now. I met Wanda through a co-worker and was quickly intrigued by the Soul Connections sessions she offered. Wanda helps you to get out of your own head (she refers to that as your ego) and to figure out what is weighing you down in life, helping you to heal past issues and trauma. She helps you to let go so, you can move forward. Through our sessions I have laughed, I have cried and I have come out feeling much more peaceful overall. She can also help you to see things and signs in your life to help make sure you are on your right path. I attend weekly yoga classes with Wanda and have regularly for 2 years now. My body definitely lets me know if I miss a week and I feel much better overall. She’s a friend I’m very grateful for and would highly recommend her services.  


Kimberly Pelton  

I am going to take you back in time to 2012. The year started out normal, but by March, some of my anxiety issues were starting to surface. Then, in April, I had a traumatic event take place, my father died. Depression set in, and I found I could no longer focus at my job, and I needed to take a sabbatical from my work.  Thankfully I was part of a Women’s group and had gotten to know Wanda. I had previously been to see her for a reflexology session that was wonderful. She was starting to do more Energy Modalities, so we discussed her assisting me with my depression and anxiety. I went through a series of sessions with Wanda that helped me more than any sessions I had with a counsellor. She asked a lot of questions that I had to overcome and say “YES, I will let go of that!” Well I did and was able to go back to work and I was happy again. Some teary eyes were shed, not going to lie.  By the way, Wanda also does yoga sessions, which I started to attend and still do to this day!  Oh, along the way we became friends too. I needed that as well.



Recently, I had WON a session with Wanda. Even though we are good friends, I have not seen her for an actual Soul Connections session in sometime. I even thought about giving it away, since we do talk from time to time about REAL emotional stuff. Well, I am glad I did go. We talked about where my future is headed, and where I am mentally stuck. See, I lost my job in December of 2018, that’s another story to tell. Just in talking with her and follow up conversations, I got more focused and soon after I received my Reiki Practitioners Certification. This is just one more step in my new evolution of myself; more to come.  I am also in the process of starting a new business, Crystal Butterfly. She has also been instrumental in this decision just by being available when I need her. Thank you, my friend!      


Christine Smith

I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to experience Wanda’s Soul Connections, she also is an amazing yoga instructor who treats each class differently, depending on the group she has and what they may need. She brings so much light and love into the lives of those who know her. We are like minded in many ways and have amazing conversations, I have learned so much from her and with her.


Deanna Provost

I’ve been aware that I have been on a journey for a long time, so several years ago I decided to visit Wanda to help me restart after feeling blocked for a while. She did an amazing finding the spots that were holding me up and things go rolling again. I’ve had sessions with her since for more specific issues, a big one is forgiveness, and I have always left feeling so much lighter than I did at the beginning of the session. It isn’t necessary to have a big, specific problem to feel the results of time spent with Wanda. She is able to uncover things that your higher self knows are wrapped up inside you, but you may not be consciously aware of them. She is generous with herself, completely non judgemental, and believe me, your secrets are safe with her! She is love. 

Wanda is a very gifted and caring individual. When I was grieving for my little Sister, after her untimely death at a young age from breast cancer, Wanda helped me cope through yoga and meditation and Soul Connections. She truly is an Empath and was able to help me and continues to help me as I transition through this loss. I recommend trying any of her services if you need comfort. Spread the word……  


Joanne Thomson

I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to experience Wanda’s Soul Connections, she also is an amazing yoga instructor who treats each class differently, depending on the group she has and what they may need. She brings so much light and love into the lives of those who know her. We are like minded in many ways and have amazing conversations, I have learned so much from her and with her. Deanna Provost

Wanda and I met at a Reiki class in the early 2000’s and we have journeyed together as healers and colleague’s ever since. I have received Soul Connections healings with Wanda through the joys and sorrow in life, and I have benefited immensely from her healing energies. Thank you, Wanda!    


Christina Crawford

We are living in a different time. It is time to open our heart to a new reality, allowing us to see the beauty of life. It is also time to connect with people that can help us in this amazing journey. Wanda has a special gift, helping us to get in contact with this new reality. Her Soul Connections is a perfect way to heal past wrong beliefs and starting a more harmonious life.  


Soraya Benevides, Author and Yoga instructor.

I received several Soul Connections sessions with Wanda several years ago. At that point, I was going through a difficult time. She helped me shift from a place of struggle into a life with more ease and flow, for this I’m grateful. I would recommend Soul Connections sessions for anyone who is seeking more tranquility in their life.  


Anne Miner

Wanda has helped me many times!! Love this woman!


Xxoo Melanie McGrail

This lady is AMAZING!! Soul Connections with Wanda will unlock, unblock, lift, enlighten and shine light into your very being. I know your thinking-there’s now way. Wanda has helped me many times. Breathe out the bad and allow me to let go of the ideas and thoughts that have held me back. I’m still evolving, I’m still rising. I recommend Soul Connections and Wanda’s guidance. Thankful always for what you do Wanda and especially for your friendship. Soul sister.  


Wendy Lemanski-Killing


Seeking to recover from physical injury, I randomly picked Wanda Csanyi with Soul Connections from a phone list of yoga instructors. Although I couldn’t put my finger on it – my connection with her on the phone was instant and I started weekly yoga classes. Two or three classes in, after a meditation, I experienced something I had never known. I stood up off the mat and felt so tall, so expansive, I thought I was going to hit the ceiling-she called it ascension. I wanted more! The past year and a half have been about physical healing but also unexpectantly about emotional and spiritual healing too! I didn’t realize how various past struggles were affecting me. Private Soul Connections sessions with Wanda have helped guide me through the struggles and give me the power to be my authentic self. I am grateful I was led by the universe to pick her out of a list of choices I could have otherwise made! Love you Wanda.  


Laurie Schell

I have had Soul Connections with Wanda and she has helped me so much. It’s hard to explain in writing what happens, all I can do is highly recommend and urge you to meet with her if you haven’t already!! Xxoo 


Ellenor Richardson

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