• Become happy and feel fulfilled

  • Quiet your mind 

  • Lose anxiety  

  • Go quickly and deeply into meditation  

  • Be more loving and compassionate 

  • Disappearance of fears

  • Change negative patterns in your life

  • Stop bad habits 

  • Beat addictions easily and naturally 

  • Stop seeking, start living full out 


  • Feel great and enjoy every day more 

  • Laugh more, smile more 

  • Have more fun, be more light-hearted 

  • Attract more good things into your life easily 

  • Be in control of your mind and emotions

  • Feel good 

  • Lose depression, anxiety, and sadness   

  • Be more productive and focused 

  • Connect with others 

  • Be more powerful in your job, relationships, leadership   

  • Feel and act younger 

  • Have a genuinely more positive attitude 

  • Feel good 

  • Bounce back from setbacks quickly  

  • Be at peace 

  • Let go of grudges

  • Stop being a victim   

  • Enjoy relationships more

  • Have more love in your life   

  • Gain self-confidence and self-love 

  • Feel worthy   

What Soul Connections can do for you.

Soul Connections Session

1 hour  /   $120

As Wanda connects with her clients, she immediately begins channeling, powerful Divine love. This powerful, high-frequency energy soothes as it loosens up of stuck; emotions, blocks, and traumas. It is God's love doing the heavy lifting, offering relief as it creates positive changes with ease and grace.


Wanda connects further using her psychic gifts, diving deep into her client’s field to further assist in her client’s upliftment. Here she receives specific information and messages from the client’s higher self, linked to all areas of their lives. I.e. trauma, low self-esteem, victimhood, depression and anxiety, and contributing factors in the sufferings of daily life. She uses tools and techniques to shift and release these low-frequency beliefs, emotions, and stagnant thought patterns.


Clients shift frequency automatically shift upwards to a higher vibration, a place where struggle is replaced

by ease and flow.


Wanda also has the ability to connect and receive messages from the client's departed loved ones. Wanda channels Divine love to the spirit to assist them on their own spiritual path after all earth is just one of the

many schools in the multiverse.


She marvels at the ability to connect to the spirit world, saying “can you imagine being in spirit form and no

one knows you are still around and then someone can feel you and hear you?”


The spirit world celebrates with Soul Connections.


Soul Connections Yoga

Yoga classes are lighthearted and fun. Laughter can often be heard coming from the studio. Classes are kept small in order for Wanda to be able to give individual attention and offer modified poses according to people's needs.

Yoga uses a system of postures, breathing, and relaxation techniques, all of which allow the body to let go of stress and tension, at the same time increasing flexibility and improving balance.


Yoga is non-competitive; anyone can participate and reap the benefits of improved health.

It can be as gentle or as challenging as you make it.

Wanda’s yoga classes are unique and highly effective in reducing stress and tension and anxiety. Wanda automatically channels Divine love, upon connecting to people.


Divine love creates space within clients, to assist in letting go of blocks and density that lead to discomfort and dis-ease. The combination of yoga postures combined with, spending time with her, listening to her voice, all the while being are being bathed in Divine love creates positive changes.


Great shifts have been known to happen during her classes.


Wanda offers classes in two formats: Individual personalized sessions and group classes.


Soul Connections Art


Using her intuitive gifts Wanda connects to her client’s soul and energetic field.


Here she is guided by spirit to choose specific colours and create unique shapes and patterns. She then receives clairaudience messages to further clarify the message that each soul piece is offering.

Soul Connections to your higher self or departed loved ones can be

accessed using this medium.

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