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What Soul Connections can do for you:

  • Become happy and feel fulfilled

  • Quiet your mind 

  • Lose anxiety  

  • Go quickly and deeply into meditation  

  • Be more loving and compassionate 

  • Disappearance of fears

  • Change negative patterns in your life

  • Stop bad habits 

  • Beat addictions easily and naturally 

  • Stop seeking, start living full out 

  • Feel great and enjoy every day more 

  • Laugh more, smile more 

  • Have more fun, be more light-hearted 

  • Attract more good things into your life easily 

  • Be in control of your mind and emotions

  • Feel good 

  • Lose depression, anxiety, and sadness   

  • Be more productive and focused 

  • Connect with others 

  • Be more powerful in your job, relationships, leadership   

  • Feel and act younger 

  • Have a genuinely more positive attitude 

  • Feel good 

  • Bounce back from setbacks quickly  

  • Be at peace 

  • Let go of grudges

  • Stop being a victim   

  • Enjoy relationships more

  • Have more love in your life   

  • Gain self-confidence and self-love 

  • Feel worthy   

Thrive Sessions

60 Minutes - $120

Wanda is a channel of high-frequency love; an intuitive energy healer. She has been preparing and upgrading her abilities for decades in order to assist humanity during this ascension period.

Positive changes occur in people’s lives simply by being in Wanda’s presence, uplifted by her frequency. People often comment on how loved and comforted they feel when she’s nearby.

During a Thrive session, Wanda begins by channelling soothing, divine love from the source. This high-frequency energy magically loosens up stuck emotions, blocks and traumas with ease.

During the flow of grace, Wanda intuitively connects to her client’s higher self. She receives insightful, intuitive messages through song, visualization, deep knowing and feeling.

She uses tools and techniques to shift out low self-esteem, victimhood, depression, anxiety and other contributing factors in the suffering of daily life. Relief is felt immediately. The mind quiets, muscles relax and perspectives shift. Letting go feels so amazing.

Often spirit comes through in a session. If so, Wanda teaches the clients how to connect, feel and hear messages from beyond the veil. Death isn’t what we have been led to believe. Ancestral love, support and connection is constantly being offered; we simply need
to be open to receiving.

What can Thrive sessions do for you?
Feel great and enjoy life more
Laugh and smile more
Attract more good things into your life
Be in control of your emotions
Lose depression and anxiety
Become more empowered
Feel and act younger
Bounce back from setbacks quickly
Have more love in your life

Feel worthy
Gain self-confidence
Are you ready to Thrive into your fullness?

Birth chart Reading

Flourish Yoga

One on One - $60/hr 
6 Online Classes - $210

Class Schedule
May 3 -June 7
July 5-August 9


Wanda begins each class by, energetically bringing the group together in a high-frequency, healing space. She then proceeds to channel, transformational love to
the participants, throughout the entire class. This magical energy provides relief from stress, worries and fears with ease. All the attendees need to do is to be open to receiving upgrades, from the universe.

Wanda combines the loving energetic component with easy, flowing yoga postures; breathing techniques, twists, tapping, stretches, balancing, strengthening. The body was designed to move and expand in order to stay flexible and healthy.

Each class concludes in the relaxing Savasana pose, bringing the group back down to the earth. At that time, Wanda will channel a deeply grounding Yoga Nidra meditation, directly from the source, specifically for the group.

Everyone's energy is brought back to their body, cleansed and purified and ready to flourish.

Are you ready to flourish in a healthy new way?

Twin Flame

60 Minutes - $150

Wanda had been married for 33 years, living an easy life, travelling the world, running her healing business, but she knew something was missing when in walked her Twin Flame….

Wanda hadn’t understood why she had been repeatedly drawn to Jamaica but she was about to find out the power of the universe.

She’d never heard of a Twin flame relationship before, and initially, she thought she was going crazy. She couldn’t understand why she couldn’t slam the door and walk away. She repeatedly asked her spirit team if she could tap out. The answer was always no. Keep going.

The universe knows what it’s doing, but it can have a wicked sense of humour. It doesn’t care one iota about the ego; it’s all about the soul. The soul desires growth and expansion. Otherwise, we are “dead” in the water. In this blazing relationship, the universe sets up a meeting of two matching soul signatures. It’s you meeting yourself, in a different body. The other version of you has a totally different background, culture, language and age. Anything that can be different, will be. The universe had spoken. It was time for Wanda and her twin to heal and rise above their deep ancestral wounding. No more playing small, no more victim mentality, no more rage.

During the next 5 years, she and her Divine counterpart held on for dear life as they white-knuckled the seemingly unsurmountable challenges while riding this ascension fast track.

They never gave up on each other no matter how hard it became. Unconditional love always brought them back together to heal, forgive and grow.

Low vibe emotions have been replaced by laughter, smiles, strong boundaries and unconditional love for each other. The most profound lesson achieved for both of them is deep love.

There’s a reason this type of relationship is called the twin flame journey. It’s designed to burn off generational wounding as it shifts the twins into healed, Divine versions of themselves.

Wanda specializes in assisting people who find themselves in twin flame relationships. Helping them to quench and calm the flames of this blazing, fiery union.


Soul Connections Art


​Using her intuitive gifts Wanda connects to her client’s soul and energetic field.


Here she is guided by spirit to choose specific colours and create unique shapes and patterns. She then receives clairaudience messages to further clarify the message that each soul piece is offering.

Soul Connections to your higher self or departed loved ones can be

accessed using this medium.

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