Relationships - Twin Flames


Wanda has been navigating a twin flame relationship for the past

several years. She had no idea what a twin flame relationship was and

honestly thought she was going crazy. Such an intense Soul Connection

to another person. Her twin is from a different culture, with a wide age

gap and living thousands of miles away. All these things not uncommon

in this dynamic.

Twin flame relationships are the way the universe create positive

transformations through a relatively short time period, by bringing

yourself in another body to tell you where you need to make positive

changes now!

She and her partner were constantly, painfully, triggering each other.

They continuously highlighting each other shortcomings and shadow

selves, but all the while loving each other deeper than they have ever

experience in their lives. More than once Wanda considered ending the

relationship but she describes it as feeling like she would be cutting her

own arm off, losing part of her soul. She asked the universe for help

often and also receives guidance and clarity from a fellow light worker.

This guidance gave her new understanding and to help her relax,

knowing she wasn’t going crazy after all. The universe had decided she

was ready for deep shadow work and intense transformation. It was

her time to arise, to shift into her power, into her independence. Her

time to transform from the wounded feminine to the divine feminine.

As she shifted through the challenges and conflicts, she used them as

building blocks to stand on and eventually shifting into deep self love. A

love so deep that no one could make her doubt her worth, her power

and her abilities.

This experience has given her direct experience as well as tools and

techniques to help you in your own romantic or twin flame