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Recently I have had some upheaval in my life. A couple of things happened that caused me to pause and think "Wow, this stuff rarely happens to me anymore".

I was doing what most people do, ranting and raving and complaining that life’s not fair. I did this for 2 days. Then I stopped and realized I was doing exactly what I teach people not to do.

The more we focus on what we don’t want, the more we allow it to become real. I told my friends that I was done complaining, and I didn’t want to talk about what had upset me anymore. I took a few moments to reflect on why I was upset and feeling anxious. I figured out that it wasn’t the issue that was bothering me, it was the idea of confrontation that was getting me all tied up in knots. I used a release statement and immediately started to feel better.

I started to think of all the people that I could count on if I was in real trouble. The more I thought about it, the longer the list became. My friends and family each have their own expertise and would be more than willing to lend me a hand or a shoulder to cry on if needed. After I realized how blessed I was to have such wonderful supporting people in my life, I started to feel a warm feeling of support and joy flood through my body. I started to appreciate everyone and everything I had attracted into my life. I let go of the trouble and allowed goodness to flow through me.

Since I was guided to go to a retreat and become a conduit for God’s Divine energy, my life has taken an about face. I have learned tools that allow me to easily let go of turmoil and anxiety. Sometimes I briefly get swept up in the old way of thinking, but then I take a step back and tell myself to stop that, and start to practice what I teach.

After all I’d rather be happy than right.

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