What is Soul Connections?

Soul Connections brings practical spiritual enlightenment or lightening up that works in day to day life, as well as bringing you to a feeling of oneness with The Divine. First you stop suffering and struggling, then you start to remember what you truly enjoy in life. You'll actually have trouble remembering how you used to suffer. Emotions become valued, rather than something to be pushed down. You stop fearing your emotions and start to listen to what they are telling you. Such as, what is working and what needs to be changed. Challenges resolve quickly, and you soon develop an inner knowing that everything is going to work out for the best. You're happy, even when things don't go as you thought they might. Feeling good becomes so normal that even a little dip feels bad. This is when you need to stop, notice and honour your emotion and it will move out of your body. You bounce back up to feeling great quickly. You're in the flow of Life, things become much easier.

Soul Connections melts negativity, issues, problems, and judgments away. No longer do you have to do the hard work of therapy and most spiritual paths. Soul Connections energy begins to dissolve energy that doesn’t serve you. Most people feel peace and relief from life's stresses after only a couple sessions. Many experience profound bliss. Life gets better and better.


There are two parts to Soul Connections 

1. The Grace part, which does 90% of the lightening up for you.
2. Learning to use your freewill is the other 10%.

Grace does most of the work, but the life coaching helps you to use your freewill to maximum benefit, retraining your mind to stay on a positive track.

Over time, you're freed from the dominance and limitation of the mind and emotions. Your head voice dominance is quieted and you’re heart voice starts to take over. When that happens life gets really good, and continues to get better and better, easier and easier.

 The effects are beyond what appears to be happening in the session or the course and are permanent changes.

How Long Will It Take For Me To See Big Changes?

Some people lighten up quickly and only need a few sessions. They go off and live their happy life. Others take more sessions to let go. It is not up to Wanda. It's up to you how long it takes, but you can help speed the process. Learn to physically feel your emotions not ignore them.  Learn to relax and enjoy the process. The more you relax, that faster it will go! It’s your personal journey, don’t compare yourself to others.

The only possible way to fail is to quit too soon, before you've shifted or stabilized.


Does It Always Work?

This is similar to asking if the world will continue to spin.

While Soul Connections is as close to miraculous and effortless as I have seen, you have freewill. It is still up to you to commit, enjoy, relax as much as you can, and allow it in. Then, it's up to you to get back to doing things that bring you joy.

Be consistent in receiving Soul Connections Divine Energy and getting back to activities that bring you Joy, until you have mastered life. 

This is a process, the easiest and most beneficial process I’ve ever found. Gentle is good. You would probably not enjoy it if all your old thought process and stagnant energy moved out all at once.

Effects of even one session continue to unfold for months and even years. All gains are permanent.


Who is Soul Connections for?

 It's for anyone who wants to feel in control of their life and live to their full potential. It's for successful happy people as well as those in pain and struggle. Wanda has personal experience with struggle, anxiety, and even depression in her past. With Soul Connections Wanda has overcome these issues. By having her own vibration raised, Wanda has changed the chemistry of her brain. Now she is enjoying life, and helping others do the same.

As you quickly advance in this work, you discover how fabulous and creative, you truly are.

Anyone over the age of 18 can receive Soul Connections, with the exception of pregnant women who are 6 months or further in they’re pregnancy.

Those under 18 are given a milder version of the Divine Energy transfer. It will increase their focus, confidence, and success in life. Wanda does special work for teens and children, they love it. They move very quickly.


What might I experience right after a Soul Connections session?

 Experiences vary, from dramatic to subtle, sometimes delayed until days later. Occasionally nothing is felt in the first few transfers, but be assured that you are being worked on at a deep level. Some people require a number of Soul Connections sessions to begin to feel changes. Many have obvious effects immediately. Part of it depends on your level of resistance. Soul Connections eventually melts even the strongest resistance if that is your desire.

Common reactions include tingling or vibrating sensations, temporary headaches, heat, tiredness, and bliss, laughter, energized, emotions rising out of nowhere, and then passing. Occasionally very strong negative emotions arise for no apparent reason. But if none of this is resisted, it all passes quickly, leaving you feeling great.

You can trust that the process is uniquely designed for you, and will lead to lightening up. Some people experience rapid lightening up, while most receive sessions over time for a more gradual transformation. Physical healing has been known to take place. It’s your own personal journey, guided by the Divine. 


How is the Divine Energy transfer done?

When in person, by touching the crown of the head for 5 minutes, or in a large group, by intentional transmission. 

By hearing Wanda speak in person or on the phone, or being with her for a period of time.

 An even stronger form is given through the eyes, in person, in the advanced work. 

 It is transmitted through art, music, the written word, or virtually any medium.