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Young Love

Love Activation Course


Love Activation Course

Taking the Love Ascension Activation course will uplift you out of struggle, as it awakens your Connection to God’s; Love, Support and Guidance. Each week, Wanda will be channelling, powerful light codes to you through her direct Love Connection to source, assisting you in experiencing God's unconditional love like you never have before. You will also be, assisted in the reawakening of your all-important, intuitive gifts.

As you are guided through the course your personal energetic field will be elevated to new heights, better enabling you to hold the frequency of Love for longer and longer periods of time. The frequency of Love is 528 hertz, Joy’s 540 hertz, both feeling lovely and expansive, compared to anger at 150 hertz which is restricting, heavy and contractive. 

Holding higher frequencies automatically attracts upgraded life experiences in relationships, career, health and finances. Shifting you into a space where Solutions flow naturally, Self-acceptance arises, Clear intent, Joy and Relaxation become your set points. You will learn how to become an Empowered, Loving creator of your life, with heightened intuition and direct connection to the transformational energy of God's love.

Each week a sacred space will be activated, softly holding you as the Ascension Love magic begins to flow. Heaviness subsides, tension, stress and worries melt away, as you let go and let God.

 At the completion of the course, your Love frequency will be so high, you will effortlessly create loving changes for yourself and others with ease. Shifts will happen simply by you being close to people, animals and places. You will be creating Soul Connections, with your own powerful Love frequency connection.

During this course Wanda will also be teaching you a variety of tools, techniques and practices, that combined with your high frequency makes you a powerful healer. You will learn how to reactivate your intuitive abilities and learn how to expand your telepathic abilities. You’ve always had these intuitive powers; they simply need to be reawakened.

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Week One

Grounding & Muscle Testing

The universe and humanity are being uplifted by high-frequency energy from the sun.  It is even more important to learn how to integrate the intense energy and ground to receive assistance from mother earth.  Grounding promotes calmness and mental focus as we release negative ions, dense thoughts and repressed emotions.

Spiritual grounding is very important before and after any energy work, it should become a part of your day, whether you are involved in psychic work or not. As you expand your psychic abilities need to learn how to discharge negative energy that is picked up during contact in the spirit world, as well as how to protect your own energetic field.

During this class, you will also, learn how to communicate with your body's own innate wisdom. Once you learn how to connect to this superpower, your life will never be the same again. You will learn how to directly connect with your own inner, innate wisdom. Learning how to connect to your body's own innate intelligence. Your body knows what’s best for you in order to function at Your best emotional and physical health, but that is just the beginning. You will learn how to expand your knowledge to connect to truths beyond the physical body, tapping onto your Claircognizance- inner knowing and Clairsentience- inner feelings.

Week Two


This week you will be learning techniques that involve visualization and positive thinking. You will learn how to become the creator of your life, how to harness your manifesting abilities in order to create an upgraded reality. If you think it, believe it and feel it you can create anything.


Spiritual downloads

Are you seeing multiple numbers, receiving feathers, coins, hearing meaningful songs, seeing visions? These are all messages from beyond the veil. These are direct communications from your spirit team, angels and God. Spiritual downloads are becoming more and more common, as we move towards a more enlightened reality. This week Wanda will be teaching you how to expand your connection to spirit and deciphering the messages that you are receiving.

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Week Three

The Law Of Abundance

Are you tapping into the law of abundance? Are you afraid of success? Abundance is constantly flowing to you; the trick is to learn how to align with it. This week, Wanda will be guiding you in the energetic process of releasing the restrictive, lacking body. You also will be assisted in letting go of limiting beliefs of; unworthiness, insecurity, vulnerability, failure, self-esteem, rejection, stubbornness, blame and procrastination.

Week Four

Unconditional Self Love

Learn the practice of unconditional self-love, with Wanda. Self-love is the foundation on which we build a happy life. Learn how to create a life, where Self Love is your set point, the point you come from when making every decision. This week as always, Wanda will be creating a high frequency, space, where you will be taken on an energetic transformational journey, releasing limitations and blocks that have been your dampening reality up until now.

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Week Five


This week, Wanda will take you on an awakening, spiritual journey, an expedition to a place of Clairaudient, Soul Connections. Energetically aligning you to an alternative reality, a setting where telepathic communications are the norm. You will learn how to transmit words, images, feelings and telepathic communications of your mind to another person. As well as the spirit world, animals, elements of nature or any light being. Practise homework will be assigned, practice, practice, practice.

Week Six to Eight

Psychic Gift Enhancement

You will learn how to tap into and expand your psychic abilities, through a variety of practices; journaling, meditations, automatic writing and channelling. Embracing your intuitive gifts as you expand your sensitivity and awareness to be able to assist yourself and others in the future.

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There are four types of intuition:


Clairaudience is the ability to receive heard (external or internal) messages from your higher self, spirit guides and or people living or deceased.

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Clairvoyance or “clear seeing” is the ability to see visions or spirits or auras. Practices will be taught in order to expand your abilities to see images from the past, present or future events. Keeping in mind the future is in constant ebb and flow.

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Claircognizance, is the ability of clear knowing. You have a gut instinct about ideas or incidences. Have you ever just known something to be true, without being aware of how you know it? You will practice to harness the powerful instinct or inner guidance, taping into the truth of a situation.

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Clairsentience, the ability of clear sensing. This is the most common ability for sensitive people, the least likely to have been disconnected from. This gift is all about sensing, things about people and surroundings. We have the ability to sense energy from locations, such as homes, work places as well as feel people’s vibes. We possibly can sense the presence of spirits, as well as what they are feeling or thinking. When your clairsentience abilities are enhanced you are a human lie detector. You just know if someone is trying to deceive you.

Place your hand on your heart and ask your Soul, if it’s urging you towards living a high vibe life, as a Soul Connections Love Activator? A life of ease and flow, where unconditional self-love, expansion and growth are paramount?

If you are feeling the call, sign up today to experience the Loving, uplifting, energy vortex Wanda Csanyi immerses you in, your Soul is beckoning, come and feel the love today.

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