Meet Wanda


She wasn’t searching for the holy grail of enlightenment, that idea never entered her mind. Little did she know she was on that exact path. She has stepped into a transformative spiritual journey, which has taken her to a much higher level of consciousness, and into being an extremely high-frequency being.

Her spiritual journey was catapulted forward on the day she told her mother that she didn’t believe in God. From that day forward her spirit guides came online full time. They relentlessly pressured her to sign up for one spiritual course after the other. Synchronicities started lining up to validated her new path, repetitive numbers, feathers, coins, meeting the right person at the right time….


As fear, anxiety, and depression fell away, she realized that her intimate connection to the Divine is the key to creating a life of love, peace and joy.


Wanda has been transformed into being a clear channel of high-frequency Love from Source.


Positive changes occur in people's lives by simply being in her presence, listening to her voice, looking into her eyes. People often comment on how loved and comforted they feel when she’s near.

Wanda has received accreditations in many energetic courses;

Certified Yoga Teacher

Reiki Master Teacher

Bodytalk Practitioner,

E.F.T. Practitioner,

Divine Openings Practitioner

Access Consciousness Practitioner

Indian Head Massage Practitioner

Aroma Hotstone Therapist


Plus 20 years of constant research into the

mystical realm of healing.