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Love is the Answer

Flourish Yoga

Class Schedule
May 3 - June 7
July 5 - August 5


Humanity is experiencing an amazing time on earth, a time of Spiritual awakening. The negative, hive mind matrix has recently been disconnected from our consciousness. 

The earth is shifting into a higher dimension; love, unity, peace, abundance and prosperity are becoming available to all.

Humanity now needs to learn how to let go of the old, negative programming and learn how to take charge of their lives and destinies. The universe is encouraging us to acknowledge what is working in our lives and what needs to be shifted up and/or out. 

Are you ready to receive loving, intuitive guidance and wisdom from the source?

Are you ready to learn how to love and accept yourself unconditionally? 

Would you benefit from learning tools and techniques to create an easier, more loving life?

Are you being guided to raise your frequency as you expand your spiritual connection with the creator?

Soul Connections modalities are all supported by Wanda’s high-frequency connection to the source. This powerful, energetic love connection, combined with her intuitive abilities, creates magical transformations in her clients’ lives. 

Once a session is booked with Wanda, a Soul Connection is created and healing immediately begins to flow.

 You are a bright, powerful, being of light. Own it!

 Twin Flame / Soul Mate / Family Relationships / Ascension Activations

Thrive Sessions
Sunset Yoga
Flourish Yoga Classes
Splattered Paint
Spirit Art, Soul Connections

Meet Wanda


Twenty years ago, Wanda was suffering from anxiety and depression. She felt like she was in a deep hole with no way out. Fear was the main undercurrent in her life. Her mother suggested going back to church. Wanda’s reply was that she didn’t believe in God.

After that day, her life changed forever. A profound spiritual awakening blossomed. Her spirit team came online, full force, relentlessly pressuring her to sign up for one spiritual course after the other. 

As fear, anxiety and depression began to fall away, she realized that her newly found, intimate connection to the divine was the key to creating a better life for herself and others. There was no looking back.


Since working with Wanda and her Soul Connections sessions, I feel more relaxed and less worried.  My focus is more positive so unimportant negative events that would have dominated my thinking in the past, no longer seem important.  I now don't pursue minor issues with people, both in-person and mentally, allowing my mind to focus on more important personal and work situations.  I appreciate having more peace of mind.   


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