Are you receiving nudges from the universe to do more with your life?

Are you seeing multiple numbers, signs and synchronicities?

Are you being guided to expand your spiritual connection with the Creator?

Is it time to learn how to surrender, as you let go and let God?

Would you benefit from learning tools and techniques to create an easier, more loving life?

You are living in an amazing time on earth, a time of a mass global, Spiritual Awakening. The earth has shifted into an age of Aquarius, a time where Love, Unity, Peace, Abundance and Prosperity are becoming available to all. Its time to leave behind the struggle, hate, competition, duality, anxiety and depression. The matrix has finally up righted itself, realigning with the most powerful frequency in the multiverse, LOVE.

Earth is currently receiving high frequency, light codes from Source/Universe/God and it’s shaking everything and everyone up. With this shift, you are being guided to dive within, to take stock of your life. A time where you are guided to acknowledge, what is working for you and what needs to shifted up or out. Nothing in your life, will ever be the same again and that’s a good thing. Its time to speak your mind, tell people how you feel, decide what is working in your love life, career, friendships and family life. As you shift up into a higher, lighter dimension you are connecting into the knowing it is time to live a heart-based life. A life where selflove and care are paramount.

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Since I was guided to go to a retreat and become a conduit for God’s Divine energy, my life has taken an about face. I have learned tools that allow me to easily let go of turmoil and anxiety. Sometimes I briefly get swept up in the old way of thinking, but then I take a step back and tell myself to stop that, and start to practice what I teach. After all I’d rather be happy than right.  ~Wanda Csanyi

Since working with Wanda and her Soul Connections sessions, I feel more relaxed and less worried.  My focus is more positive so unimportant negative events that would have dominated my thinking in the past, no longer seem important.  I now don't pursue minor issues with people, both in-person and mentally, allowing my mind to focus on more important personal and work situations.  I appreciate having more peace of mind.   



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